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About Us
Hern Net Radio provides state of the art hosting for radio show archives. Using the latest in hosting.  Your archives are available 24 x 7. We started in 2007 with Automotive 101 and thru the years many shows have come and gone, but we are still here.  We still have many of the old shows available for you to listen too. a testament to our ability to provide your listeners with your shows when they want them.
Hern Net Radio

Our History
Well before podcasting, the process for storing and providing archives on the internet was referred to as "on demand" a reference to the ability of the listeners to download and listen to a radio show when they wanted to. This process has changed  nature of Radio and now podcasting is a very important part of the radio business any thing. Add RSS feeds, that notifies  your listeners when a new show is available for them to listen too and you are always in touch with your listeners.

Previously on Hern Net Radio

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Wiley and Sage

Wiley and Sage

Dr. Diana Wiley - Psychotherapist, Board Certified Sex Therapist and Gerontologist

 Diana's unique brand of wit, distinctive voice and wealth of knowledge will entertain and inform as she tackles mid-life myths, realities and opportunities faced by aging baby boomers.

Billy Sage
Known as "Hawaii's Man of a Thousand Voices", Bill Sage has been a voice talent professional for over thirty years.


Hawaii Raceway Park
 We take a look a look at Drag Racing in Hawaii.



Future Plans
While it is hard to predict what the future holds you can trust Hern Net Radio to keep up to date with  the latest in technology. We continue to research to give our listeners the very beat experience for the best cost per listener in the business.
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