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The Golf Club Radio Show
Date: 8-16-14, 2014  Number: 33/14


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In the Clubhouse:


Wyndham Championship  Sedefield Country Club


Sedgefield Country Club 


The PGA Wyndham Championship
Sedgefield Country Club
Greensboro, NC



Wegman's LPGA Championship


Monroe Golf Club
Wegman’s LPGA Championship
Monroe Golf Club
Pittsford, NY


Robert Lusetich    Unplayable

Robert Lusetich: FOX Sports senior golf analyst and Author
of UNPLAYABLE: An Inside Account of Tiger's Most Tumultuous


Matt Ginella
Matt Ginella: Covering courses, resorts and avid amateurs for
Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" (Born at Sports Illustrated,
raised at Golf Digest.)


Ripped Links


Colin Westin   Philp Davis
Colin Weston & Philip Davis: Ripped Links - Golf competition
in a non-traditional concert festival environment.


Ron Read

Ron Read: "NCGA 1970-81; USGA 1981-2013" from Ron's
Twitter Bio.

Ron Sirak
Ron Sirak: Golf World, Golf Digest, and LPGA Tour insider
on Wegman's LPGA Championship the 4th major of the year,
the last time it'll be held in Rochester, New York.



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