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The Golf Club Radio Show® broadcasting state-wide talking to Hawaii's Golf Pros and across America sports shrinks, authors, mental coaches and PGA broadcasters.

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The Golf Club Radio Show
Date: 7-12-14, 2014  Number: 27/14


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In the Clubhouse:


John Deere Classic

The John Deere Classic
TPC Deere Run
Salvis, Illinois


Women British Open


Women’s British Open
Royal Birkdale Golf Club
Southport, Lancashire, UK



Stina Stemberg
Stina Sternburg: Golf Digest Magazine - on the RICOH
Women's British Open and The Open Championship.


Jason Glass
Jason Glass: Titlest Performance Institute. Strength coach,
and Jr Golf Performance Coach.


Lance Gill     Lance Gill

Lance Gill: Titleist Performance Institute Lead Instructor
Teaching coaches how to evaluate how physical capabilities
of the body might affect the swing and how to build programs
to improve.


Darius Hicks  Aveo Big and Tall Golf Apparel

Darius Hicks: Founder of Aveo Big & Tall Golf Apparel


Colin Westin
Colin Westin: Ripped Links Founder on their Ripped Links
Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign!


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