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Date:  June 29, 2013  Show Number: 26/13



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The PGA at AT&T National • Congressional Country Club
Bethesda, MD
The US Women’s Open at Sebonack Golf Club
Southhampton, NY
In the Clubhouse:


Ron Sirak

Ron Sirak:
Executive Editor Golf World Magazine and Senior
Writer Gold Digest Magazine. From US Women’s Open at
Sebonack Golf Course in Southampton, New York


Luke Bielawski and Geroge Bush  


Luke Bielawski with President George W Bush


 Luke Bielawski


Luke Bielawski: 24 year old golfing across country, along
roads, through fields, across train tracks. From west to east
coast, Bielawksy doing it for charity and to see if it can be done.
He's checking in to "The Golf Club" from Texas this weekend


David Mackkenzie

David Mackenzie: He's a terrific life coach and mental game
coach calling in from Tiger Woods event, AT&T National, where
Woods isn't playing cause of his injured elbow.


Jerry King

Jerry King: TaylorMade Golf rep in Hawaii and one of Hawaii's
best golf instructors. PGA Teacher of the Year for many years.



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