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Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2017 1:00 PM
Subject: Merry Christmas

Hi George:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sorry to hear your radio showing is ending.


Over the years, you have passed on some good advice.


A couple of weeks ago, I was in the parking lot of O'Reilly's at the old Cinerama theater, fixing my car.  My wiper fuse/relay went out.


A young man comes over to me, and asks if I would like to sell my 2000 Ford Mustang, V6.  I told him no, as it runs real fine with minor issues here and there.  I put in Synergen oil in the trans when new and have been running synthetic oil in the crankcase and differential.  It is a lot of hard work washing and waxing.  I owe it to you and the knowledge you gave us over the years.


A couple of years ago, at about 4:30 a.m. in the Punchbowl area where I live, a cop pulls me over.  He says I went over the stop line at a stop sign in the area.  I don't know how he can tell, because he was in the back of me.  At most, I went over six inches.  He checks all my papers, then lets me go.  I had just washed and waxed the car the day before.  It was sparkling.  The only thing I can gather is he was jealous?


Thanks for helping me with the Mckinley HS track issue.  Now, the public cannot use the field as it is locked down after hours and on weekends.  Talk about no drag strip!  I guess BACHI, as the trees in the front of the school are now dying.


Sometimes, I don't know if I am going crazy or the world is going crazy.


Have you looked into having an internet radio show?  You could do it from your living room.


Also, the former Brake Service and Supply lot on Beretania next to Grace's and Times Beretania has been vacant for a long time.  Maybe too expensive?





Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 1:53 PM

On your last radio broadcast you mention about airbag deployment I got into a car accident front-end Collision my airbags did not deploy the insurance mention to me the impact Point did not meat the angle of the car


Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2017 12:08 AM
Subject: SHELL gas station @ Kahala

I went to the Kahala gas station on Jan 13 and I think they have recalibrate their gas pumps. I believe, their gas pumps are now pumping the correct amount of gas. My computer program showed that I should have pumped 7.4 gallons of gas based upon an estimated mileage algorithm.  I actually pumped only 6.8 gallons.  My program is usually within + or - 0.1 gallons.  I also notice the sound of the gas pumping is more vigorous.  

It is usually "whooshy."

I know that you have mentioned on your show that the department that monitors weights and measures complain that they are shorthanded and do not monitor as often as they should.And, although I only purchase Shell's V-Power 92 Octane gas, it has been years since I've noticed gas pumps (anywhere) pumping as they should.  

You are right, our state government is not doing the job of watching out for its people.  This is beyond sadness.

Thanks for covering the subjects concerning my inquiry about CVTransmissions and low profile tires.

I was able to listen to your Jan 14 show @ 3:30pm.  Keep up the good work.  One day, I hope to call in with a question or just to say hello.



July 8, 2016
Why Did Nitta's Auto Close

The simple reason Nitta’s Auto Repair, after 51 years in business, had to close down is that I tried to get Bishop Estate to fix the water leaks in the roof for over 2 years. These leaks were damaging my tools, equipment, and automobiles. They kept saying “next month”, “next month”, “next month”. So, I finally decided to stop paying the rent to them for 6 months in order to get them to fix the roof. Then, Bishop decides to take me to court for unpaid rent AND at the same time hires some “cheapie” roofing outfit to start replacing the roof. In the initial process of replacing the roof, they were grinding the roof and we found, what appeared to be asbestos and lead paint droppings and dust flying all over. So I called the EPA and the Health Department, and the inspectors both came out, checked with their testers, and found both lead and asbestos in the dust. Right then and there they yelled to the roofers to cease work and they shut the job down.

About 6 weeks later, the roofers came back and the inspector told me that they were wrong… there was no asbestos or lead. So, I said “they paid you off” and his face changed and I said “let me see the written report”… and they refused to give me a written report. And, in the meantime, in court, Bishop said that I had to shut down in 30 days. I asked for 6 months and they refused… even though I but I still had 3 more years left on my the lease. All because I was exposing the fact that there was lead and asbestos there. Bishop Estate just does what they want, pays people off, and continues to gouge people, and make money any way they can, ALL UNDER THE GUISE OF A “NON PROFIT” Kamehameha Schools. AND, THEY DON’T EVEN PAY TAXES!!! And that’s the reason NITTA’S AUTO REPAIR closed down.

- George Nitta


Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2016 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: Ethanol
Hi George, just checking if you were setup to dispense Ethanol again? If so, what's the location and hours of operation? Weekends too?

Going to check out a place at Min's Plastic today and see if I can work out a deal Going to check out a place at Min's Plastic today and see if I can work out a deal.

Thanks for the quick reply George. That is great news. I was dreading having to return my car to run on only crappy pump gas...


Sent: Friday, July 8, 2016 8:16 PM
Subject: Honda Airbag inflator recall means free rental car...

  Hi George,

   You may know this.  When I called Honda recently about my sister's 2008 Honda CRV and the recall about the inflator for the airbags, I was told that if she is afraid, she can get a rental car at Honda's expense until the parts come in and the car is fixed.  It's a no-brainer to get a rental car.  Eleven people have died from getting hit by shrapnel from the exploding part.  And more people might have been maimed and blinded.

   I think you said on your show a couple years ago that you believe airbags are unsafe.  

  I stopped by Harvey's this week here on Kauai to buy some of the product.  He told me that you had to leave your shop for good.  That's too bad.  He told me some of the details.  He said that he called into your radio show to ask about it and you explained it.  I'll listen to the mp3 of the show tonight to here what you said .

R. W.



Sent: Sunday, July 3, 2016 11:54 AM
Subject: What Happened?

Hello George,

Your on line broadcast yesterday with the radio station showing OFFLINE. No transmission of your show.

It's too bad about your closing Nitta's Auto Repair. Last time we spoke your landlord was not cooperating with your lease. Time to move to another location George, you are being bombarded with the homeless in your area. Shame on our politicians all talk no action !! But knowing you.... you shall prevail.

Good Luck and thank you for your continued support and great talk show.




Saturday June 18th

Mr. Nitta I like your show can you please tell me what's the difference between Dot 3 and Dot 4 ESP brake fluid is. Also can I just use a DOT 4 brake fluid instead of a Dot 4 ESP.
thank you

George Answers;

The dot 3 has a lower boiling point, the dot 4 has a higher boiling point, when you drive down hills or drive hard the brakes get hot some times red hot and that makes the fluid boil and cause bubbles then the brakes go down to the floor and you will have no brakes. The dot 4 has also a longer life span, but they all should be flushed every two years cause they get moisture in them and that lowers the boiling point.

Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 11:26:52 -1000
Subject: Re: FW: There is NO Racing News
The only racing our politicians do is to race to the taxpayer trough to
follow through on ill-conceived decisions and planning. There decisions
only serve for fodder for comedians.
I am now at Pocono Raceway in Penn. For a Shelby Convention after just
leaving the Monterey Historic at Laguna Seca that celebrated the 50th
Annv. Of the Shelby GT350. Also checked out the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 in the huge Ford display. Lots of expensive exotics and antique cars around for the Pebble Beach Concourse as well. Nice to be around car
The politicians and business leaders in both locations, east and west,
apparently see the value of racing venues.


Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 13:32:19 -0700
From: punishum@yahoo.com
Subject: There is NO Racing News
With the Auto Skills program coming to an end after 31 years it will be impossible for another fantastic program of that level to ever fill its place. It is over, done.

As evident of the closure of Hawaii Raceway Park. Once something of significance vanishes there is ALWAYS a vacuum and every single time what fills that void is worst than its inadequate predecessor.
After 42 years of having a "Place to Race" the Oahu motorsports community for nearly 10 years now has been without any adequate racing facility and no facility will be built ever again. Presently all we have are clowns and ass hats who lie and tell stories to the vast racing community who are so gullible and naive that they are building something, working on something or when they really let their fantasizing flow say "We are opening up a place and the governor is going to make an announcement in June". If I had a dollar for every clown who spewed forth lies and spread continually false hopes to make themselves relevant, I'd be racing Nitro on the mainland years ago. NONE of these liars have any race / business experience to back up their delusions of grandeur and their stories have so many holes in them even a 4 year old would roll their eyes.
The biggest obstacle is that none of OUR elected officials are into racing so they do NOT care. Not a one. Many have even said,"They DON'T CARE." But they are into golf. So a suggestion to our fellow racers? Take up GOLF because then you will be in lock step with the establishment. Help will NEVER come from the government. Racing is silly anyway so move along, nothing to see here. Move on.


Howzit Nitta-san
That was compassionate and very Christian how you handled the troubled wahine who called into your show today.
You were kinda in a hard spot
but you heard her out and advised her.
I detected a little improvement in her voice during her closing words over her voice when she first went on the air before your calming, Christian advice.
Hope she takes your message to heart
gets away from whoever is tormenting her
and finds her way to Jesus.
I really hope we don't hear about her as a victim in another domestic violence police report.
God bless you Nitta-san


Subject: Fuel
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 23:33:42 +0000

Aloha George,

I have gas in my boat tank (aluminum tank) that is about a year old. It is regular with ethanol and it is treated with Sea Foam additive. I don’t see any sludge or particulates in the filter. Do you think this gas can still be used? Mahalo, Ken

Aloha Ken,
What brand and what grade gas was it? Shell 92 V power is all  would use with 2 gallons of ethanol to 5 gallons of Shell 92 V power gas, this way it will last for a year.

George, Thanks for your quick reply. It was regular 87 octane from Aloha Gas.

Hi Ken,
Now here is what all of the gas on this island is. Shell is the best from 2nd and Waialae the 92 is96 and the higher it is the better, I would use this gas, all the rest of Shell is 92 is 88, Chevron and 76 Union same 82 for all grades, Aloha the 92 is 84 and the 87 is down to 80, Tesoro 92 is 86 so that's not good. You can't run octane below 87 with out damage to the engine. Use 30% ethanol and it will run better, the gas has 5% ethanol.


Thank you for the advice. I heard your last broadcast yesterday. I have enjoyed listening to you every Saturday and I am sad to hear it’s pau. Best of luck in the future. ken


Aloha folks,
As of next week May 2 Sat. I will be on AM K1080 from 1-2 pm for my live radio show "Hawaiian Automotive 101" or you can just listen on my website www.georgenitta.com . The cost on the am690 was just too high. Didn't want to change but could not get a better deal so time to move or shut down, a lot of you wanted me to keep going so here we go next Sat. I can't say it on the radio cause they will just shut me down, so please let all of your friends know and pass the word. I hate to disappoint my listeners so I'm still on the air.

Aloha George

Thank you and I am sorry to hear that your show is no longer going to be on the radio.
I listen to you every week, usually your podcasts as I am usually not able to hear it live.


Aloha George,

   You could make the last thing you say on the show next Saturday that you'll be on AM 1080 the following Saturday.  If they sensor you, you could sue them, because you're paying for the airtime.

   I'll be on Oahu in May for ten days.  If I drive around enough with the rental car, I might buy a couple gallons of ethanol from you so that I can have a smoother ride.  But I don't want the next person that rents the car to benefit too much.  That's what Harvey said I'd be doing, if I wasn't driving around enough. 

   With my tires at full pressure levels and 3 gallons of ethanol to every tank, I have fun driving around Kauai pretending a little bit like I'm a race car driver---but I always drive within the speed limit.  I drive safely. 



Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 00:10:56 +0000
Subject: Rarely driving.
Hi Mr. Nitta, 
I had a question about a 1991 Toyota truck.  It is rarely driven anymore and sits in an enclosed garage.  I start it up once about 2 weeks or so just to warm it up and keep it going.  Is this good for the truck to start it up ever so often?  I do drive it sometimes, but not like before where it saw action constantly every week.  Its been a real good truck and dependable.  New timing chain, dampers, and tensioner along with many other genuine parts.  Knock on wood, it always starts up the first time.  It was produced in Japan.   Thank you so much Mr. Nitta. 
Best regards,
Michael S.

Hi Michael,
It's OK as long as you use the Shell V power 92 gas and don't fill it more then half tank. Hope you use the Royal Purple HPS 5w-20 motor oil with the Royal Purple oil filter and then you ok to do what you arte doing.
Hi Mr. Nitta,
Thank you so much!  I greatly appreciate all the fine automotive tips you have shared with me.  On an earlier Email, I did just as you recommended to use Amsoil PI fuel infection cleaner for the 22 RE  EFI engine.  It worked super!  I'll use Shell V-power not more than half tank.  I'll switch over to Royal Purple HPS 5w-20 too. 
Thank you again for sharing your automotive expertise with car owners to get the best life and performance out of a vehicle. 
Back in 1986-87, took automotive schooling at WCC in Kaneohe.  Instructors Ray Tanimoto and Donald Oka taught us the basics.  Mr. Oka owned a transmission shop in Honolulu.  A few years after schooling, entered the trade at Servco Pacific, Rex Tires as a tire installer and helper.  Unforutnately, the trade bumped me out after 7 years with injuries.  Never went back, but still work on own vehicle at personal pace.  
Take care Mr. Nitta!
Michael S.

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 08:27:56 -1000
I just sent Gov. Ige an email:
Mr Ige,
Do away with Safety Checks. First- The safety checks are not done correctly. Second- If the safety check stations did everything on the checklist they lose money on everyone the do. Third- Who pays for the wages that manages the Safety Check Office, it's from your budget. They hardly get any money back from the safety check fees and if you check the with other States more then half don't have Safety Checks. Fourth- I have seen vehicles with safety check stickers for that month that already have defective lights on them.
So Safety Checks doesn't keep the roads safe. Here is a link from your own Department:

Because the Safety Check Stations are a agent of the State, the State could be sued if a safety item was not in working condition.
Reopen the Weights and Measures Department because we the people of Hawaii are getting ripped off at the gas pumps and in the Supermarkets, meat and fish departments. The pumps and scales are not being calibrated. Who knows how much extra we are spending because of this. The State had a Weigh Station on Sand Island to check for overloaded and improper load loading plus they also did a vehicle walk around to make sure the vehicle was fit for the road coming out of Sand Island. The State also did random checks on the H1 freeway with a portable scale and a vehicle check.
One last thing at the gas pumps why aren't we getting what is posted, Octane rating? Isn't that false advertising? Why does the State allow this, I thought the State was looking out for the people of Hawaii and not the Oil Companies? PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. To me this is a class action suit for the people of Hawaii.
Thank you,

Subject: Re: Safety Check
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 16:31:44 -1000
Thank you for helping the people of Hawaii. We need more people like you to help us save money and who is so honest. Hopefully it works out with 
K-108 to keep your show on air. 
I think there must be talks going on that you lie about ethanol and you'll only there to make money. Sure you sell ethanol but where else can you buy pure ethanol, no where but your shop that I know. I know that's not true because you pay for your own air time.  Why don't these people go down to your shop and see all the things you have sitting in ethanol.  
Why is Indy 500 on ethanol if it's so bad. Those cars are worth a whole lot more than the cars we drive.
It's the gas company that's doing things to the gas to make ethanol look really bad. 
When the people of Hawaii wake up it'll be to late. 
Thank you and good luck,


Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 11:48:51 -1000
Subject: Sign this petition: SB717 - RELATING TO ETHANOL
If Ethanol is so bad, why has Brazil been producing, exporting and using
Sugar Cane Ethanol in their vehicles for over 45 years and Indy 500
racers have also been using 100% Ethanol in their high maintenance
vehicles? Do the research and learn the truth about the benefits of
Ethanol that the oil companies don't want you to know about.
That's why I created a petition to The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii
State Senate, and Governor David Ige, which says:
"Don't remove the Ethanol from our gasoline. Ethanol serves as an
antiknock agent which reduces engine knocking and increases the fuel's
octane rating. Do the research and learn the truth about the benefits of
Ethanol that the oil companies don't want you to know about."
Will you sign this petition?

Click Here for SB717 - RELATING TO ETHANOL

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 08:40:52 -0400
Does anyone have any information on Dave Williams who raced a 1956 or 1957 Corvette at Raceway Park in the 70's or 1980? Silver, blue/black cove, red, all blue, black or even white.
How about Jimmy Pfleuger racing a 1957 Corvette in 1957 - 62 in Hawaii.
Pat Mathis or Jimmy Castle race pictures ?
Please help !


Just wanted your thoughts on if I should keep "Hawaiian Automotive 101" live radio show going this year? I'm live on the radio and website every Sat. on am690 from 1-2pm. Just asking to see how many want it to go or just end it this year. The reason I'm asking is does anybody care about what is going on about your gas, motor oil, streets, and stuff, I can't just talk about what is happening to you and you don't care and do something about it. Like the safety check system now has made more cars stolen and it don't hit the news. So please give me your thoughts about to stay on the air or just cut it off.


Click here for Listener responses,
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 15:44:40 +0000

Subject: Fuel injection cleaner

Hi Mr. Nitta,
Wishing you a very good day!  Would like to know what brand of fuel injection cleaner is best to use?  I was told 2 cans to about 1/4 to 1/2 tank of gas should suffice. 
It is for a 1991 Toyota 22RE engine which I try my best to take care. 
Just this last November, I had a chance to see the Good Guys 2014 car show in Phoenix.  It was real neat as some of the most rare muscle cars and engines where on display.  1968 426 Hemi engines and 340 six packs in Challengers.  Many Chevy's were on display too.  427 in a Camaro!  They had everything from years gone by.  All the cars and trucks were on a very large open field and inside a huge tent for display.  Some vehicles were for sale too.  Also had an obstacle course race track for Corvettes and Camaro's to compete. 
Since I was born in 1966, these muscle years passed me by, but I did taste a little of it during the early to mid 80's at Castle High with my classmates who owned cars.  Dodge and Chevy was most popular.  I remember 1970 Valiants and Swingers with 340's and hood scoops with rally rims and stripes.  Guys used to open up with smokin tires.   Today in Hawaii, its all gone. 
Back then, when a muscle car opened up, the driver would let the car go on its own, so a black tire mark could be seen past 50ft.  Now, drivers only stage and lock up the front of a car, so it just smokes tires but goes nowhere.  Drifting too.  Crazy!
Today is lacking!  How it was done during the 60's and 70's is the right way. 
1/4 mile down the strip! 
Take care Mr. Nitta.  Thank you!
Michael Soeda 

Subject: ethanol
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 07:56:17 -1000

Hello Mr. Nitta,
My name is Norman Sato and I would like information on ethanol use.  I have a 2010 Lexus GX460 and a 2007 Toyota Tacoma.  I will be purchasing a new Toyota Tacoma as soon as the 2016 models become available.  Can ethanol be used safely with both of my current automobiles and will it affect my warranty in any way.
Your reply on this matter is requested.

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 14:55:34 -1000

Subject: Adjusting timing by a shot glass on a car bumper ?

   Aloha George,

   Have you ever heard of adjusting the timing on a car by a putting a shot glass of liquid on a car bumper and adjusting the timing until there is the least amount of movement in the shot glass ?  I heard many years ago that old timers used to adjust the timing on cars and trucks that way.  I know you hook up computers to cars now.  But is there truth that the best timing produces the least vibration in the engine, and therefore on the car's body and bumper ?

   When I lived in California I had to get a smog check, I think about every other year.  If the car's timing was out of the range that the California Air Resources Board thought it should be in, even if it was made for less air pollution from the exhaust and better mileage---the car would fail the smog test.  I don't get it, but I'm not a mechanic. 

Roger Williams


Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015

Subject: Your radio program 1/3/2015

As per the DUI accident between a Buick and a BMW.
I recalled, the lady in that accident survived but her husband died.  Also I recalled, Ben Cayetano pardoned the culprit.
I enjoy your program about cars, caring for cars, etc.
As a business man your understand "sustainable economics".  If you didn't understand it, you would have never had a successful and profitable business.
Government officials -- Governors, Mayors, and Politicians makes all kinds of decisions but are not held accountable and at the end lets the tax payers pay for their poor judgment --
    The Honolulu Stadium that was supposed to have stopped rusting after the surface rusting.  The configuration of the stadium was supposed to
    be  changeable for different sports.  The company who provided the steel went out off business.  The tax payers will now have to cough up more money to
    build another stadium.  The company who designed and decided the material specification should be held responsible because they sold the State a "Bill of
    I go along with your business predictions that the RAIL will cost a lot more money by the time it is completed.  This is just poor planning, poor money
    management, no common business sense and trusting the so-called "consultants" (who are not held accountable for their bad consulting).  And the
    politicians for accepting that "Bill of Sales".
The people on the top are not business men nor are they held accountable (financially) for their actions.  As for you, as a business man you are responsible
for your actions and the government or tax payers will not "Bail You Out" if you made bad decisions for your business.
I enjoy your program and hope it stays on the air for a long time.
Al Nip

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 00:36:58 +0000
Subject: Rail

Forgot to mention that I think I know what the new safety check system is all about.

As you have been saying, it is not about safety.  So, what is it all about?

I think it is about the coming toll roads.

To pay for the rail, they are going to tax us out of our cars.

They have our license plate, the VIN on the back bumper, and a picture of our car.  So all they have to now do is install the camera’s above the freeway, King St., Beretania, Dillingham, etc.

The computer will take care of the rest and send you a bill any time you go on the road during busy times.

If they make driving so expensive, people are going to be asking for the rail to go to Hawaii Kai, Kailua, North Shore.

More money for Parsons.

You think Parsons, the rail contractor, will donate money for the new system because they are nice guys and care about us?  Come on!



Subject: Vehicle inspection in the United States
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 15:38:28 -1000

I'm not sure how up to date it is because it's Wikipedia. People that use the Internet might think that Wikipedia is up to date because it's first on the page. I think a better site is AAA, they must keep it up to date. Here's the link:

I sent this to help you out because I think some people don't believe you. I know for a fact you're not here to rip people off. Why would you spend your own money to have a radio show, it's to help the people of Hawaii. Keep up the great work you do George.
Thank you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Subject: Fuel system cleaner
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2014 22:43:32 -0700

Hi George,

What fuel system cleaner do you recommend? I have been using the Redline S-1 fuel system cleaner. I heard the Royal Purple Max clean fuel system cleaner is pretty good stuff. What are your thoughts?

Thank you, Ian

The best fuel cleaner is ethanol, all the rest emit  poison exhaust fumes and liquids, but ethanol is safe to touch and does not emit the same poison fumes from the exhaust.

George Nitta

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 21:40:40 -1000
Howzit Nitta-san
Great show Saturday with Duke. He was fantastic, Well spoken, Great answers, Logic, reason and Common sense.
From the change in the voices of some of the callers from the beginning of their call to their final words.
I think he won over those who called in as skeptics, Toward the end of the hour when you introduced ethanol into the discussion he almost fumbled the ball but quickly recovered. I think he will at least be open minded on your ethanol plan.
His whole platform seems based on common sense and what's best for the people and the state as a whole that leads me to think that once you explain ethanol to him he'll be with you.
Thanks for the show, It was a great forum.
I think your show's audience is made up of the grassroots of the islands
and they asked great questions.
I don't remember any softballs or set up questions and Duke hit most of the tougher questions outta the park with great answers and didn't swing n miss on any of them. He handled himself well. It was a good event for him
and it put him in front of an audience of "likely voters"
I think a lot of your audience votes.
People who listen to your show are concerned citizens concerned enough to be voters or if they weren't voters before becoming listeners they've been convinced that their votes are important by hearing your persuasive arguments
Either way judging by the callers it was a good audience for Duke.
At least we got rid of Neal Evercommie.
But will either of the other two donkeys be better ?
No I think they'll be more of the same, Duke is the only chance we got to start digging ourselves outta the hole the "tax n spend cronies" have put us in. I think his time on your show was a boost to his campaign and in the end could turn out to be a factor in his winning'
Aloha George

keep on geev'n'em
we're out here and listening and learning

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 01:47:11 -0700

Subject: Request your recommendation
Aloha George,

A friend asked me about needing a shop that can wire in trailer connections plugs to the back of his jeep.  He has a fairly new jeep around 1-2 years old and wants all 3 type of trailer plugs to plug in the lights of all trailers he may be pulling.  I told him that I would ask you on any recommendations you may have because he was scared on a shop not doing the job correctly and he also does not want a “Mickey Mouse” job.

Thank you for any help you can provide George.

Your biggest fan,

On Sep 23, 2014, at 6:25 PM, "Roger Williams" wrote:
 Aloha Steven,

   At the Shell station in Kalaheo at Kaumualii Hwy. and Papalina Rd. on Kauai where I buy Shell V Power gasoline sometimes, recently the pumps have a couple times showed small charges before I started pumping gas.  One time it showed $0.06 and another time it showed $0.11.  The latter time the lady clerk gave me a refund for the 11 cents.

   I was wondering---Why do the Shell gasoline grades not have the actual octanes that the pumps state that they have ?  I know the pumps list higher octane numbers because I know that certain individuals have tested the fuel with accurate test equipment.


Roger C. Williams

Reply from Steven Troy Aloha Gas.
Our dispensers and fuel quality for each octane grade are tested by the State of Hawaii as required by law and all octane grades are accurately labeled and posted,  We also conduct regular fuel testing at our terminal labs with the most sophisticated equipment available and we take a very intensive measures to ensure the quality of our fuel and the accuracy of our labeling.  Shell also has recently conducted their own testing and the results have confirmed that our fuel quality and octane levels are conforming to applicable regulations and Shell quality standards.  I will look into the dispenser readout issue and correct any deficiency as soon as possible, I do thank you for your input.

Aloha George,

   Does Steven Toy's email to me below make you laugh, smile, or cry ?  I laughed silently.  There are no more Hawaii State stickers on the pumps that I could see.  Have you noticed that on Oahu ?  Maybe I didn't look close enough.  In any event, we know the gas octanes aren't what they are supposed to be.  Where are the investigative reporters to spill the beans on the state and the oil companies ?  Where is 60 Minutes ? 

Roger Williams

Hi Roger,
They all are told to shut up and not go there, all about how much they can shaft the people of Hawaii. So sad how much they cheat us. Call Keoki Kerr at KGMB and tell him.

George Nitta

Aloha George,

   I just bought some gas for my sister's truck at the Shell station at 2-2416 Kaumaulii Hwy in Kalaheo, Kauai.  Pump # 6.   The pump read $0.11 before I started pumping gas.  I asked the checker lady for a refund.  She said she couldn't do it.  While pumping gas the lady came out and gave me the 11 cents.  She might have called someone higher up and asked them what to do.  I guess Steven Toy didn't get the problem fixed.  He has no shame.  Hundreds or thousands of people might be getting ripped off at that station.

I just called the State Department of Agriculture and made a complaint about the faulty pump.  The lady I talked to said she would give the information to her supervisor for an inspector to work on.  808-832-0690.  http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/qad/measurement-standards-branch/  Below I put in bold some text from their website.  A portion of it is "How do you know that the premium gasoline that you’ve purchased is really 92 octane? You can be certain that you are getting what you’ve paid for because the men and women of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Measurement Standards Branch are looking out for you."  They're looking out for us George.  They wouldn't let up get cheated.  Ha ha.  I don't understand how you and Harvey can test the gasoline types and get octane levels that are lower than what they are supposed to be and the state lets it go on because they are supposed to test the gas too.  It must be money.

Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2014 09:46:17 -1000

Howzit George
On your show Saturday, you mentioned how the rail project was using a chunk of parking at aloha stadium, making it more difficult for those going to the game just when UH was pushing to increase attendance.
Aloha stadium first announced that the lot would be closed before the first game.
But they didn't say why the lot was closed, no explanation. I think they were afraid of the public reaction. They just said it was closed.
It was only after the humbug that the closed lot caused and public reaction that someone came clean on why it was closed. I hear game goers to the first game went over to look at the closed lot and see why it was closed. They saw the rail equipment and materials. The secret was out, forcing the Aloha stadium authority to come clean.
I'm amazed at the stupidity, ignorance and lack of understanding of the general public.
But, more worse is the lack of even caring to know what's going on, of even trying to wake up, open their eyes and learn.
They'd rather not know, ignorance is bliss, live in their no-nothing bubbles, less to deal with.
Don't get frustrated, Just take a deep breath and continue on trying to educate the public
In know, at times, it feels like you're beating your head into a rock wall, getting no results
but You're here to put out the word, spread the message and that you're doing You're not responsible for the results
If people choose not to learn, that's their problem Yeah, stupid people drag down all of society
but what can you do.
As the old saying goes :
"you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink"
Just keep up your educating and take satisfaction that you're fulfilling your role of educator, Nitta-san
a well deserved title learned from my dad who was a educator, who often felt he was trying to make headway fighting upstream against stupidity, ignorance, lies, propaganda and the "I no care" attitude.
At times he'd get frustrated, but he soldiered on, never giving up, always being optimistic in his outlook. Taking satisfaction from whatever victories came his way, using those victories as fuel to continue.
Geev'em Nitta-san

Aloha Rob,
You know the people are at fault, who voted for this project and who voted them in office, they have NO idea on how the LEAD the state to more money other then tax the shit out of the people, so when will they wake up?

George Nitta

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