Web hosting is just the start with Hernco, we support companies that want to be web enabled . From design to marketing we give you more for less. We proudly us cPanel on AWS  for our web hosting. We give our customers continually updated software to ensure that your web presence is robust and secure.

Hern Net Radio

hern net radio
Hern Net Radio provides state of the art hosting for radio show archives. Using the latest in hosting.  Your archives are available 24 x 7. We started in 2007 with Automotive 101 and thru the years many shows have come and gone, but we are still here.  We still have many of the old shows available for you to listen too. a testament to our ability to provide your listeners with your shows when they want them.


Bob Hernandez bass

bob hernandez
What do you do when you are not working on web sites or uploading radio shows, you play bass and after 44 years of laying down the bottom, you still have so much to learn!  From country to jazz to blues, bob brings a voice to every note and an energy that keeps the groove alive. yes, it is all about the groove!

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